Sauerkraut class at Ferment Fest

In recognition of our intention to live connected to each other, the land, and all of creation, we combined resources to purchase land to steward, to live on, and to share with others. We call this land Polcum Springs – its namesake the bay nut, known to the native Yuki people as pol’-cum.

Operating collectively, we can accomplish more together than alone. Together we have secured the land and removed it from the speculative market through the creation of our governing documents. We have developed water, power and facilities. We grow heritage foods; host workshops, ceremonies and events; care for our buildings and infrastructure; share Polcum Springs with others; and continue our individual and collective learning.

At the center of our wild land sanctuary is a permaculture homestead. It is the centerpiece of our activities based around agriculture, fermentation, gastronomical pursuits, and gathering. We are also involved in activities on the surrounding wild lands including hiking, wildcrafting, wild tending, restorative forestry, nature connection, and vision questing.

We are laying the groundwork for community through the development of infrastructure and invisible structures – the social, economic, and legal structures that support community. We share our land with others for retreat, renewal and learning. Our community includes Polcum, LLC members, past and current residents, friends and family, guests, the creatures of the land, and our extended community in the Laytonville area.

If you are interested in short or long-term residency at Polcum Springs, email to inquire. Additionally, click here to learn more about membership.