Sustainable Living Apprenticeship
June 15 – July 15, 2012

Do you want to develop and practice sustainable living skills for urban and rural living? Do you want to learn new skills to help reduce your carbon footprint and live well?

Polcum Springs is offering a one-month apprenticeship focused on building off-grid sustainable living skills. Areas of skill development include: sustainable forestry, permaculture design and installation, gardening, fermentation and nutrition, gourmet solar and wood-fired cooking, community living, and more. Projects are likely to include:

  • sustainable forestry: limbing, thinning, and peeling poles in the forest
  • basics of roundwood construction
  • creating interpretive signage for visitors
  • gardening, composting, compost tea, biodynamic preparations, and seed saving basics
  • helping steward water, solar, and composting toilet systems
  • basic (seasonal) herbal medicine making
  • operating a wood-fired cob oven and solar cooking
  • watershed restoration activities
  • assisting with coordination of workshops

For more information or to apply for the apprenticeship, contact Tim at