Polcum Members

Polcum Springs Members

Carmela Vignocchi has been hanging out with rare fruit growers, artists, hikers, bibliophiles, Friends, and plant-people for decades.  She has worn many different hats including chef and gardener, grant writer and project director, business manager, and elder-caregiver.  Currently, she helps seniors and families protect their financial security and plan for their future and is a co-founder of Polcum Springs.  Carmela lives on the Central Coast of California with her sweetheart. She can often be found supporting an art, social or environmental cause, ushering for music and theatre productions, repairing trails, or cleaning the beach.  For those subject to garden envy: you should see her apples, feijoa, cilantro, salad and greens crops!!

Alison Pernell was-3 introduced to permaculture and natural building in the mid 90’s and hasn’t been the same since. She co-founded Polcum Springs to practice these skills, and to co-create place for people to connect with nature and one another.  Alison is part of a special clan of eco-telecommuting-work-from-home moms. She works with rural and Native American communities on participatory planning projects, biking and walking trails, and safe routes to school. She lives at Polcum Springs with her husband and two daughters. She spends her spare time in the garden and hiking.




Kari Stettler is in service to creating a healthy culture through a life lived in harmony with natural rhythms: present, embodied and free.  She holds honoring spaces that facilitate experiences of transformation and evolutionary change through her private healing arts practice, teaching yoga and dance, and facilitating groups and individuals in the Work that Reconnects and Rites of Passage.  Kari lives and tends land in Sebastopol where she is a shepherdess to Navajo-Churra sheep and an aspiring food and herbal medicine gardener.  She has been a seasonal member of Polcum Springs since 2005.  She brings groups to Polcum Springs for deep nature connection experiences and ceremony.


-1Hunter Francis is a polyglot, anthroposoph, and food and farming aficionado. Once a natural foods cook, he currently administers a university program for sustainable agriculture. He has an active interest in food systems of all sorts, helps to run a non-profit for local agricultaure on the Central Coast, and enjoys the deep appreciation for quality, artisan food being cultivated at Polcum Springs. He has a passion for social and spiritual issues, and looks forward to the coming Aquarian Age.  Hunter is native to the land of the once great Iroquois Nation in Upstate New York. He has travelled widely and has a special love for Mediterranean climates and cultures, including the Californian. Species identification: Hunter is actually an amphibian and spends half his life in water.


-2 Tim Henry is an artisan baker, saurkruat maker and kimchee shaker, and has taken up the art of non-alcoholic herbal brews. Tim is a leader in the local schools where he has initiated edible landscaping and supports the farm to school program.
Tim is a co-founder of Polcum Springs, and lives there with his wife, Alison, and their daughters. Factoid: Tim has been saving fava bean seed for 15 years.


MS @ forestvilleMuriel Strand  As Polcum Springs’ newest member, I am deeply happy with this milestone in my commitment to the Polcum tribe, to my own long-term contentment, and to the small piece of Mother Earth here at Polcum. My journey began over 60 years ago in Berkeley with my arrival in a family with deep California roots on my mother’s side, and farming roots on my father’s side. Growing up next to Berkeley nurtured my interest in social change and ecological issues, eventually leading to studies in mechanical engineering and economics, not to mention education in the school of life on cooking, gardening and psychology. Amid a checkered job history, employment at California’s air pollution agency stands out as by far the longest and most fortunate stint; at least I wasn’t making anything worse and I knew I got paid as much as the men. Along the way I got married, became a pagan, got divorced, became (also) a Quaker, and participated in a wide variety of community activities. I also wrote this song: http://amazingearthsong.blogspot.com