Workshops & Events

Past Workshops & Events have included:


Forest and Fire Ecology with Dennis Martinez

Mushroom Cultivation with Kyle Collins

Fermentation Festival with local fermentation enthusiasts

Buckskin Brain tanning with Tamara Wilder

Tree of Life Rites of Passage Initiation for young women

Claiming our Life in the Great Turning – the Work that Reconnects and Ceremony

Holistic Beekeeping for Backyard or Homestead with Palika
Optional Movie Night: Queen of the Sun

Become a Bee Guardian! This intensive focuses on a holistic eco-systemic work– with-nature approach to beekeeping and does not perpetuate destructive commercial beekeeping philosophy and practices. Learn the regenerative (beyond sustainable) honeybee ecology and hive culture, basic handling safety and hive management, what where and how of tools, where to get bees, easy installation and how to harvest honey inexpensively.

Backyard Heritage Poultry Intensive with Jim Adkins
A workshop for backyard poultry enthusiasts and small, sustainable farmers who are interested in breeding, growing and enjoying standard bred poultry. Learn about:

  • Identifying standard bred & heritage poultry
  • Facilities, feed, storage, and the backyard
  • Selecting and culling your flock for production
  • Health management & disease control
  • Breeding, preservation & marketing

Wild Foods & Their Processing with Tamara Wilder
Explore the wide variety of wild foods found in our local fields and forests.  Discussion of identification, seasonality, gathering and processing of a variety of foods including acorns, manzanita berries, bay nuts, pine nuts, greens and much more.  Practice using stone mano & metate and mortar & pestle to grind and pound nuts and acorns and enjoy a variety of taste treats.


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