Collaborators & Instructors

Collaborators & Instructors

Dennis Martinez is of O’odham, Chicano, and Swedish heritage.  He has worked in ecocultural restoration for over 40 years in temperate terrestrial, and tropical terrestrial and aquatic-marine ecosystems as a restoration and ethno-ecologist.  He is Founder and Co-Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Restoration Network of the Society for Ecological Restoration International and is Co-Director of the Takelma Intertribal Project.  He works internationally with community-based Indigenous Peoples on cultural rights, resource access and protection, climate change, forest restoration, and bridging Western Science with Traditional Ecological Knowledge.  He is a well-known speaker and writer, has received awards in restoration and social justice, and was an awardee in the Ecotrust-Buffet Award for Indigenous Conservation Leadership in NW North America. He currently is focusing on climate change, is on the steering committee of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment, and consults with the National Congress of American Indians and the American Indian and Alaska Native Climate Change Network on Indigenous adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Jim Adkins started his poultry interest as a young man who grew up in 4-H, raising and exhibiting poultry in southwest Washington State. For the past thirty years, Jim has raised over fifty breeds and varieties of standard bred poultry (that includes chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys). In1994, he received his poultry judging license from the American Poultry Association which has taken him to thirty plus states, Canada, and Australia to judge standard bred poultry. Jim recently worked for a large commercial turkey company; supervising five ranches that produced over a half million turkeys a year. Jim is a passionate, effective communicator who loves poultry and loves to teach people about the available opportunities with poultry. He has been teaching poultry field days and workshops throughout the United States and abroad as well. He has been invited to teach courses at Calpoly in San Luis Obispo, CA, the University of Montana, the University of Alaska and the University of Arizona. Jim established the International Center for Poultry in 1992 and currently lives in McDowell County, NC and serves as a sustainable poultry specialist.

Luna Hart has been mystified by the art of fermentation, its exciting tastes, and depth of nutrition. She enjoys pulling this wise old tradition out of the closet and putting it back on to the kitchen table. Luna lives in Willits, CA and has a raw food booth at her local farmer’s market. She has taught fermentation techniques at the Women’s Herbal Symposium and many other areas in the US.

Palika has been a Bee Guardian for over a decade and is grateful and thrilled to share the magic menage a trois that is honeybees, sun and flowers to new lovers of the honey bee whenever she can. She lives in the heart and plays in the Santa Cruz San Lorenzo River Watershed while humbling serving the Eco Evolutionary Turning as a Permaculture Educator, Deep Nature Connection Mentor and Eco Spiritual Leadership Way Shower. She is the Founder of Heavy Hips Tribal Belly Dance, Mama Earth Matters, and Wise Woman Way – missions to restore people, nature and soul relationships. You can find her singing, dancing, cuddling with trees, animals and people; and co-creating a culture we all love and thrive in anywhere there is an invitation and a YES!

Patrick Garretson is a long time student of Nature- out of which his deep passion for water and its healing capacity was born. Patrick’s first introduction to water ecology and biodynamic agriculture was as a farmer and watershed restoration worker. Patrick earned his B.A. from New College of California with his thesis on the Astrological Aspect of Biodynamic Agriculture. This study brought him to water flow science. During this time Patrick was also trained as a Permaculture Designer at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center during a 10 month internship there. Later, Patrick also studied fungi and soil relations under renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. He has since taught in numerous venues on permaculture, biodynamics, water flowscience and is an Adjunct Faculty member at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. More info at

Tamara Wilder has been practicing, teaching & demonstrating primitive living skills since 1989 and has been running school programs across Northern California since 1998. She regularly teaches at the Solar Living Institute, California School of Herbal Studies, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, Pt. Reyes National Seashore & the Mendocino Art Center; is coauthor of the book Buckskin, and demonstrates ancient living skills for museums, fairs & schools. She is also featured on the History Channel in the Modern Marvels show entitled “Leather”. More info at