Forest to Feast with Matsutake

After the excruciating drought and Lodge Lightening Complex fire that got so close to Polcum Springs this summer, I am delighted that the rains have returned.  It is wet. It is cold. We are slightly above average for rainfall to date.  And…the mushrooms are out!  Matsutake are in abundance. Prized in Japanese cuisine, many of my friends aren’t so fond of them. Maybe its their smell: a mix of red hot candies and dirty socks.







Sauteing them doesn’t bring out their best, but Matsutake chips are delicious!  After cleaning the mushrooms, I slice them in 1/8″ slices and baste them lightly with olive oil, then cook them in the top shelf of the oven at about 375 degrees until brown on one side. Then I flip them, sprinkle with good sea salt (more basting is not needed) and serve as crispy chips. Yum! If you want to use them as a pizza topping, brown only lightly, leaving some moisture in them.


roasted Matsutake chips


Yes, this is matsutake bacon pizza on sourdough kamut crust. At 600 degrees, these pizzas need only cook for 3-4 minutes, adding the final toasting effect to the matsutake and bacon.








Cob oven firing, before fire is removed for baking.


The coals are removed prior to baking and stored in an oxygen deprived environment. We use the resulting charcoal as biochar in our garden.


Sourdough bliss.

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